Wednesday - 10am - Healing Service w/Eucharist

Sunday - 10am - Holy Eucharist

Masks are now a personal choice.

Social distancing and contact tracing are still in effect.

April - July 2022
Ministry Schedule

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Week 115 "Work from Home" / Week 47 of "Hybrid"

It was a quiet week at St. James. For this I am grateful, as the traumatic events happening in our country have been overwhelming, to say the least.  Hug your people and hold them close.  Nothing is ever guaranteed and love is all we have.  Sorry for the downer attitude, its' just been a heart-wrenching week.  Stay safe.

Due to the rise in COVID case in Chippewa County, Rainbow Recovery (RR) and One Day at a Time (ODAAT) are back to virtual meetings.  For information, contact Mike D. at (906) 259-0203.

Our Wednesday Healing Service w/Eucharist is at 10 a.m.  Our Sunday service is at 10 a.m. followed by a social hour.  If you would like to have coffee, there is a sign-up sheet in the undercroft.  Please note that if you sign up, you will have to make the coffee and clean up after.  

We want you to remember, ALL are welcome to God’s table for communion.  Receiving in one kind (spiritually, Host and/or wine) is communion.  We want everyone to feel comfortable when receiving, therefore, before receiving communion, we ask you to use the hand sanitizer provided.  Those using intinction (dipping the Host) will receive first.  Those who wish to share the common chalice will receive last.

Stay healthy and get the vaccine when you can.

The Diocese of Northern Michigan has a live service Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. on their Facebook page: The service is available for viewing any other time on their YouTube channel The National Church also offers a Sunday Service  at 11 a.m. on their website

It is important that you remember, pledges are still needed to keep the church operating.  If you would like to keep your pledge up to date and are not comfortable attending services at this time, you can mail checks to either the church (church mail is forwarded to my home) or directly to my home address, 508 Sheridan Drive, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783.

St. James’ main concern is that you all stay safe and healthy.   Please remember to wash your hands, wear a mask, and socially distance.

If you have questions or concerns or need pastoral care, please do not hesitate to contact the church, Vestry, or MST."

If you would like to include any family news in the weekly newsletter, let me know by Thursday morning.  Pictures are welcome as well.  It would be great to keep up on family news.

Hopefully you get a chance to use the "Prayers of the People" and "St. James Prayer List" in your prayers.  If you want to add someone to the prayer list, email the church, or call the church (906) 632-2451 and leave a message.  You can find the prayer list and the weekly prayers of the people in the weekly newsletter.

I am still in the process of changing computer programs for our membership and finances (something our auditors suggested). If you have changed phone numbers or email addresses recently, please email the church, with the changes.  This also includes changes or additions for birthdates, anniversaries, family info.  This has been more involved than I expected, but it is slowly getting done.

The diocese sends out emails with links to services and diocesan news.  You can sign up for their UPCHAT information by contacting Jane Cisluycis.  

Stay Healthy,




To place items in the weekly bulletin, weekly newsletter, or on the website, contact the office by phone  or email.

Office hours are Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays 9 a.m. to 12noon.

Many thanks to those who contribute returnable cans and bottles to our recycling container at the church. Contributions really add up during the year and the proceeds go towards helping area families purchase gifts and food during the holidays.  Please remember to remove all caps from bottles and make sure that the bottles you leave are clean and returnable for a deposit refund. Susan Harries would like help taking the cans and bottles back to stores so that they don't pile up near the trash receptacle. If you can help with this project, please contact Susan at (906) 322-1793 as to the procedure to follow to document the number of bottles and amount of money taken in.

Please update your email address with St. James:’


To keep Up-To-Date on Happenings around St. James & the Sault, go here and click on the link to sign up for the weekly newsletter.  To add news, the office needs it  by 11am Friday.

Due to the rise in COVID cases in Chippewa County, Rainbow Recovery (RR) and the group “One Day At A Time of Alcoholics Anonymous” (ODAAT-AA) are back to virtual ZOOM meetings.  Rainbow Recovery is Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and ODAAT-AA is Fridays at 7 p.m.  Call Mike D. (906) 259-0203 with any questions. 

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The Vestry and the Ministry Support Team have been in conversation regarding St. James’ Discretionary Fund. 


The Discretionary Fund has always relied on the ECW, weddings, funerals, and donations for its funding.  As those are now not as frequent, it was suggested to designate funds collected on the fourth Sunday of each month to be placed in the Discretionary Fund.  These funds will be used by our Priests in order to assist others in time of need or crisis.


A collection plate will be placed by the font on the fourth Sunday of the month for donations to help the members of St. James to “Reach Out and Celebrate the Love of Christ.”


“Discretionary Fund” envelopes for loose offering will be next to the collection plate.  If you would like to place a check in the Discretionary plate instead of cash, make it out to St. James Church and remember to put “Discretionary Fund” on the memo line.


Thank you for helping achieve our goal.